Bridal Veil with Little Lights


Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Skills you will need:

  • Hand sewing
  • Soldering

Supplies you will need:

main Moonlight needles ribbonwhite threadsolderSoldering Ironheat shrink

How to make it:

Step One: Connect the two LED strands together in series

LED strands  led strands chopped

LED strand long

Ideally, you should solder the two LED strands together as described here…

Start by cutting the battery pack off of the end of one of the LED strands.  Strip the ends of the wires cut from the battery pack. Take the other LED strand and strip the wires at the end of the strip after the last LED.  Solder the two strands together and reinforce the connection with a clear, colorless heat shrink.

But, if you have never soldered before in your life and you don’t own a soldering iron….. there is another way!

Cut the two strands and strip the wires as described above.  Then, twist the wires from the two strands together and secure the connection using clear hot glue.  (Just don’t tell anyone I told you to do this)  This is really not a great way to connect two wires, and the connection might not be too robust, but it will work in a pinch.

Or… Just find a longer LED strand that runs off of a coin cell battery pack (and let me know where you found it)

Step Two: Create a pocket for the battery pack

Cut a piece of ribbon twice the length to the battery pack.  Fold it over and and hot glue the two edges together to create a pocket for the battery pack.


Step Three: Sew the battery pocket into the veil

Sew the battery pack pouch into the inside of the veil, next to the hair comb between the veil’s two layers.

WP_20150702_004 WP_20150702_006

Step Four: Decorate the veil with lights

Loop the wire strands to create a halo effect with the lights. Figure out which side of the veil will end up facing towards the bride’s hair.  Secure the light strands by sewing them to the side of the battery pack that will not be seen.  Tuck the extra wire from the battery pack into the pocket on this side as well.


Step Five: Check your work

Turn on the light strands to make sure they are working. If sewn carefully, the battery pack should be barely visible when the veil is worn.


Step Six: Wear it!

It’s your special day and you look great, congratulations!



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