Light Up Glow Bowtie

Wearables Workshop Maker Faire Orlando LED Bowtie(59)

Pre-made bowties are available at

What makes these bowties extra cool is that when they are switched off no one will know that you’re not wearing a normal bowtie.

Time Required: 20 – 40 mins

What you need:

All kits come with specially reinforced strands of LED lights that are exclusive to Wearables Workshop.

One kit or:

bow tie snipMoonlightneedlesthread

How to make it:

Step One:  Insert the LEDs into the bow tie

Slip the LEDs in the light strand under the knot in the center of the bowtie.  Pull the strand all the way through until the heat shrink on the electrical cable is under the knot.

Step Two:  Slide the wires in the LED strand to the edge of the bowtie and try to tuck them between the two loops of the bowtie.

Step Three:  Take the front loop of the bowtie, hold it open and slide the LED strand through it.

Step Four:  Leave half of the LEDs in the strand on the right side of the bowtie.  Bring the rest of the LEDs in the strand to the other side of the bowtie by sliding them back under the knot in the center of the bowtie.

Step Five: Slide the second half of the LEDs through the front loop of the left side of the bowtie.

Step Six: Tuck the LEDs into the front loops of the bowtie.  Slide the LEDs around and adjust them until you are satisfied with their placement.

Step Six: To finish off the bowtie you will need to close off the edges of the two front loops.  To do this you can either sew, hot glue or tape the two sides of the loops together.  Make sure you apply the glue and/or stitches to the inward facing sides of the two loops.  If you have double sided fashion tape you can also use that to tape the two sides of the loop together.  Using tape is by far the easiest way to complete this project.  It won’t last forever but if you are only planning on wearing your bowtie to a few parties it should do the trick.

Step Seven: Check your work.

Don’t worry too much about your bowtie being perfect, especially if this is your first time making an LED bowtie.  Once the lights are on no one will notice imperfections 🙂

Step Eight: Wear it!

You look super cool!

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Light Up Bowtie Fun

Light Up Bow Tie Mulitcolor Party Tie

Light Up Bowtie

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Light Up Bowtie Groomsmen

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